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Roll the Dice with DiceForge – Introducing My New API for Tabletop Gaming and Simulations

published - |written by Joe Peterson
DiceForge API for all your dice-rolling needs

DiceForge API for all your dice-rolling needs

Unveiling DiceForge, an easy-to-use API for all your dice-rolling needs

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I'm excited to introduce you to DiceForge

a powerful and easy-to-use API designed to handle all your dice-rolling needs for tabletop games, simulations, and various other applications.

Whether you're a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast or a developer building a custom dice roller, DiceForge has got you covered with its extensive feature set.


One of the best aspects of DiceForge is its support for up to 1,000 sides and 10,000 dice in a single call! This means you can roll all kinds of dice, from the simple six-sided die to the most complex custom dice, all with a single API call. Additionally, you can use multiple different dice in one request, perfect for situations where you need to roll various dice types simultaneously.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Another fantastic feature tailored for the tabletop gaming community, specifically Dungeons & Dragons, is the advantage and disadvantage system. With DiceForge, you can easily apply advantage or disadvantage to your rolls, simplifying the process and keeping your game sessions running smoothly.

The API will automatically roll each die twice. If advantage is requested, the higher of the two will be counted. If disadvantage, the lesser of the two.


DiceForge supports dice-level modifiers (2d6+4) where a modifier is applied to the total of one dice type.

Moreover, DiceForge also allows you to apply a total modifier to the final result of all of your rolls. (2d6 1d20 +5)

This feature is especially useful in situations where additional bonuses or penalties need to be factored in.

RPG Dice Notation

Did I mention DiceForge can parse RPG Dice Notation? Using the '/notation' enpoint you can pass a string like "4d6+5 1d10 !a" and DiceForge will parse the string and return your rolls!

Stat Rolls made easy!

DiceForge offers a '/statroll' endpoint which will automatically roll 4d6 and drop the lowest result from the total. No further config needed. If you want, you can pass a modifier.

More Info & Docs

If you want to get more info on data structures and formatting, check out the documentation here: DiceForge Docs

DiceForge is a versatile and powerful solution for all your dice-rolling needs, offering unparalleled support for tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons and other applications that require random number generation. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your gaming or simulation experience with DiceForge.

To get started with DiceForge and explore its full range of capabilities, head over to RapidAPI and sign up for your FREE API key today. Join the growing community of users who have already discovered the convenience and power of DiceForge.

Try FREE on RapidAPI with their easy test tool and my test rolls! Connect on RapidAPI

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