Unfucker - Text File Repair Tool

Welcome to Unfucker!

Got a messed up text, JSON, or XML file? Unfucker is here to help! This tool attempts to fix common issues and format your files correctly.

Why use Unfucker?

Sometimes files get corrupted, or maybe you just received a poorly formatted file. Instead of spending hours trying to fix it manually, use Unfucker to automatically repair and format your text files.

Upload and Unfuck

To start repairing your files, upload a text file and watch the magic happen.


If you need to unfuck larger files, or have greater control of how many passes, please look at using the Unfucker Python utility or self-hosting the Unfucker API.

How does it work?

Simply upload your text, JSON, or XML file, and Unfucker will process it and attempt to fix any common issues. You can then download the repaired file or copy its content to the clipboard.

Behind the Scenes

The Unfucker tool is powered by our very own open-source Python package and API, making the text repair process seamless and efficient. Check out the source code and learn more about how it works:

Do you store my file or data?

Absolutely not. Your text file content is copied from the file you provide, sent to our API server for Unfucking, and the text is sent back to your browser and displayed. It is never stored or logged, unless you opt to save it to your computer. I never keep any copy or log of the contents of the file. If you are still concerned, please have a look at the source code and run the utility locally.