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Introducing ChatGPToot - The Mastodon Chat Bot Powered by OpenAI

published - |written by Joe Peterson


Due to digital tyranny, my ChatGPToot account at Masto.ai was banned without warning or explanation. The bot is now running at @MrRoboto@botsin.space

Read more in this post: ChatGPToot becomes Mr. Roboto

Are you tired of scrolling through your Mastodon feed and searching for interesting content? Do you wish there was a more efficient way to find and share content with your followers? Look no further than ChatGPToot, the Mastodon chat bot powered by OpenAI.

ChatGPToot is an innovative project that aims to help Mastodon users discover new and fun ways to interact with LLMs. By using OpenAI's powerful language model, ChatGPToot generates human-like responses to a wide range of prompts, allowing users to engage with the bot in a natural and intuitive way. Currently utilizing GPT-3.5-turbo and a node.js app layer handling user commands. plans to integrate GPT-4 in the near future

With ChatGPToot, you can:

  • Generate images based on your input

    • Mention followed by a command then a prompt

      @chatGPToot //image// {prompt}

  • Get random quotes or jokes

  • Play games such as trivia or rock-paper-scissors

  • Get news headlines and summaries

  • And much more!

To learn more about ChatGPToot and its capabilities, check out our open-source GitHub page at https://github.com/skullzarmy/chatGPToot.

You can follow @chatGPToot at https://masto.ai/@chatGPToot

If you're interested in helping us test ChatGPToot, please apply to our beta testing program at https://forms.gle/EpfnksenW4xbdcE4A. Your feedback will be invaluable in helping us improve the bot's performance and create a better user experience for everyone.

We're excited to bring ChatGPToot to the Mastodon community and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our innovative chat bot implementation. Stay tuned for more updates and new features coming soon!

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