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Build Your Own No-Code Chatbot in Under 5 Minutes with Pickaxe

published - |written by Joe Peterson
Up & running in seconds! Use code SOCALTECHLAB for 10% off subscriptions!

Up & running in seconds! Use code SOCALTECHLAB for 10% off subscriptions!

Create a chatbot trained on ANY TEXT instantly!

Hey there, fellow techies! Are you up for a fun and quick project?

We're going create a chat bot Abraham Lincoln historian in less than 5 minutes, for FREE on Pickaxe.

You don't need to touch any code. You don't even need a credit card to do this.


If you're itching to skip ahead and just want to play with the Honest Abe Bot without building it, no problem! Before you go, take my promo code for Pickaxe in case you decide to sign up for a paid service. It will save you $$ and help support my blog (thanks!) - Enter SOCALTECHLAB at checkout for 10% off your subscription price!

Clone Honest Abe using this URL: https://beta.pickaxeproject.com/cloneandshare?formid=Honest_Abe_Bot_Q3K5Q

For those of you that stuck around, joke's on them. It's seriously just as fast to setup as it is to clone!

Before we start, I want to mention the biography we'll be using for our Honest Abe Bot. This is an early production from an AI long-form writing program I've been working on. While the quality of this writing might not be great (it is not, I assure you), it still contains all the essential information. And that's an important point to remember – you don't need a polished, final draft for this approach.

The days of data manipulation and formatting fine-tuning data are nearly at an end. If you have not had the displeasure of preparing large datasets for LLM fine-tuning, you might as well not start now.

A rough draft with the necessary information is enough to create an informed conversationalist!

I'll be keeping an eye out for competitors emerging in this space in the coming weeks. Combining AI-generated writing to inform an AI chatbot takes things to a whole new level. It's like we're playing 4D chess now!

Pickaxe themselves have several more offerings in the coming soon stage and this bot is itself in beta. Things are moving a lot quicker than they ever have before...

OK, let's roll up our sleeves and create the Honest Abe Bot from scratch:

Pre-step: Grab the pre-written biography of Abraham Lincoln from my git repo (just copy the txt file contents): https://github.com/skullzarmy/SCTL-honest-abe-project

1. Visit https://beta.pickaxeproject.com/ and click "Create a Pickaxe."

2. Select the "Document Interrogation" template option.

doc inter

3. Hit "Text Input" and copy the text from the source file you just grabbed, and submit.

text input

4. Feel free to add an image or tweak the configuration if you'd like.

  • I provided the avatar image pictured above in the git repo as well

5. Click "Continue," and there you have it! Your very own Abraham Lincoln expert is ready to answer your questions.

Seriously... We're done...

honest abe responses

It's incredible how Pickaxe simplifies the chatbot creation process, isn't it? Plus, the embed code they provide makes it super easy to drop your chatbot into any website!

Want to see a Pickaxe in action in a real-world setting?

Head over to https://beta.pickaxeproject.com/axe?id=WDFQRVSLKP2YURMVP1ZZ to have a chat with the Pickaxe Doorman, who can answer questions about the platform – I asked it about data privacy, and it emphatically assured me that they take privacy very seriously and do not track any data (their privacy policy doesn't explicitly clarify this, but it's great to know they prioritize user privacy).

The free tier offers a lot of versatility, allowing you to create chatbots for tutoring, answering FAQs, and many other purposes. They even have standard text-to-image and text-to-text chatbots, as well as specialized FAQ formats.

In case you're considering an upgrade to a paid plan on Pickaxe, using the promo code SOCALTECHLAB will get you a 10% discount on your subscription. Plus, you'll be supporting this blog, which is always appreciated!

So, go ahead and explore the world of chatbot creation with Pickaxe. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to create AI chatbots for various purposes using their free tier. And if you do decide to upgrade, remember to use the promo code SOCALTECHLAB for that sweet 10% discount. Enjoy your bot-building adventure!

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